How not to be deceived and not spend all the money

In gambling establishments, ordinary inhabitants are attracted by a mysterious atmosphere, elegant people, and the spirit of luxury. Here you can smoke, drink, chat and enjoy delicious food. And also bring home a million stories about how someone guessed the number on the roulette wheel seven times in a row, and someone “raised” a hundred from one dollar.
Listening to stories about the casino, you want to become part of this rich audience, acquire a new status, visit a cult place. But what to do there and how to behave so that people do not think that you are a sucker? How to understand the rules, how much money is needed in order to enjoy the evening?

How much money to take to play

So you’ve decided to spend the evening at the casino. The first emotional hurdle you will face is will I be an outsider? Won’t I look like a black sheep with $50 in my pocket? Many people think that casinos are only for rich people with huge sums. Relax, both the guests and the staff of the institution absolutely do not care how much money you have.

When heading to the casino and calculating your budget for the evening, imagine that you are going to a restaurant or karaoke. How much would you spend? A thousand rubles or two hundred dollars? Everyone decides for himself what percentage of income to spend on entertainment, because in a standard casino there is equipment designed for every taste and pocket.

If you are considering card games, then for three to four hours of relaxed time at the table you will need about 1000 conventional units, but do not rush to draw conclusions, each type of entertainment in the casino is designed for a certain wallet.

Why is it profitable to go to the casino?

In many establishments, an hour spent at the table guarantees you a free dinner. Order food and don’t rush to ask for a bill – you may not need to pay for anything at the end of the session.
Be interested in the loyalty program that operates in the institution of your choice. As a rule, upon registration, guests are issued special cards, the status of which grows with your activity. Different levels of cards give privileges to its owner – access to private events, tournaments, concerts, draws, free accommodation and meals. The hotel and airfare is often sponsored by the casino in case you not only lost a lot, but the total amount of your bets over the history of your evening was impressive for management.

If you follow the rules described above, then you will not only stop being afraid of gambling establishments, but also begin to enjoy the gaming process. Look for profitable entertainment for yourself, try different types of competitions. Build connections with staff and make friends among gamers, because word of mouth in a casino is the best source of useful information.

Need for Speed

Most of all establishments earn on slot machines, roulette is considered the next most profitable. Why? The answer lies in the mysterious word “spin”. The rotation of the drum on the machine and the circle that the ball makes on the wheel are characterized by frequency and speed. It is the combination of these two factors that pulls money out of your wallet the fastest. You have probably heard stories about how quickly your friend or acquaintance lost everything in 5 minutes while watching the numbers or funny pictures on the screen. To prevent this from happening to you, skip bets at the table and press the “start” button less often – no one will kick you out for this.