Types of professions

The work of one casino is provided by hundreds of people. On Saturday evening, there can be up to 120 people on the shift only for service personnel. Guests see only a shell – beautiful blondes as hostesses, smiling waiters, satisfying any gastronomic whim, croupiers. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because every day hundreds of employees work for the benefit of visitors, in some casinos and thousands of employees, combining dozens of types of professions.

Reception service

The receptionist is the first person to greet a guest at a casino. His appearance, smile and sociability set up a beginner for a successful evening and opens the door to the magical world of excitement. Supervisors are required not only to register a new visitor with a passport, but also to tell where to start the evening, what rules exist in the institution, conduct a tour of the gaming room, and inform about events and promotions in the casino.
The most beautiful ladies are sent to greet visitors at the main entrance, usually wearing bright make-up and deep-necked dresses to give the player the impression that they have entered heaven from the doorway. In fact, it is these employees who over the years of work acquire funny stories about regular visitors, give visitors code names and nicknames, and understand the psychology of the player’s behavior more than anyone else. Earnings per shift of regular hostesses do not exceed 30 conventional units, however, it is these workers who have the highest tips in the casino.

Game department

The line personnel department has about 10 positions – these are:

  • inspectors,
  • croupier,
  • pit bosses,
  • VIP game managers.

If the job of a dealer or operator of slot machines can be obtained by completing a two-week training and internship for 5-10 shifts (from 8 to 12 hours each), then further career growth depends on many factors. The management system, the country in which the casino operates, connections and communications within the team – all this affects the further success. Moving up the career ladder of a croupier largely depends on personal qualities – the ability to learn, attentiveness and the level of self-discipline. Having worked from one year and above as a dealer, you can apply for an increase in the level of the category and salary. In the future, a talented croupier can take the lowest level already in the management of the casino and become a pit boss. In his department there is a whole pit – this is an island consisting of 6-8 gaming tables, at which dealers play. The staff is subordinate to the pit boss, he collects process analytics, can make tough decisions and unravel controversial situations. Such work is suitable for people who have talents in the field of management – personnel management, building a workflow, the ability to make independent decisions. The pit boss usually earns twice as much as his employees – the average salary is about 1000 conventional units.


The number of managers depends on the size of the casino. Among the players it is considered honorable to be on good terms with such people, because they have the power and the ability to make decisions in favor of the guest. In large institutions, there are many more intermediate managers. Managing a casino with 40 gaming tables and 350 slot machines requires a slots department manager with three staff in charge of shifts, a VIP game manager who handles all issues with the most valuable customers, and a gaming table department manager who must have from two to four employees responsible for the day or night.

All staff report to the general manager of the casino – the person who makes key decisions on a daily basis. He has the biggest responsibility, which is justified by a salary of up to 10,000 conventional units.


It is a mistake to believe that there is no place for advertisers and PR people in gambling companies. In Russia, since the 2000s, the marketing department has occupied a key place in supporting the operation of the casino. The number of employees in the department depends on the size of the institution. Supporting an entire network of gambling halls in one country requires five employees, while even one large casino can have up to 20 people.

The entire casino business is built according to the classical 4P system: product, promotion, place and price. Operational managers think over the strategy for organizing events, hold private concerts for VIP guests, implement promotions and sweepstakes on a daily basis, and are also responsible for the customer loyalty program. If there is no ban on casino advertising in the country of operation, as, for example, in Belarus, an employee dealing with an advertising campaign and social networks is added to the functionality.