Slots, videoslots

One of the most popular types of gambling entertainment, which is an essential attribute of any self-respecting casino, is slot machines or slots. Even the most experienced players often prefer to play slot machines rather than blackjack or roulette. And there are several reasons for this: the slot game is truly gambling, since winning in it depends on pure luck, and the chances of winning for a professional and a beginner are absolutely equal. For a successful game, you do not need to memorize many rules and develop complex strategies. In addition, you can play slots at minimum bets, and the winnings can be several thousand, or even millions of dollars, if this is a jackpot. With the development of high technologies, the “one-armed bandit” migrated from stuffy gaming halls to the Internet, while playing became even more interesting, more convenient and more profitable. Any player can risk a large amount, try online slot machines for free and enjoy gambling without leaving their own home.

Slots are considered one of the most popular gambling entertainment. According to statistics, about 50% of visitors to all the world’s offline and online casinos come to play slot machines. It is not surprising that when developing slots, manufacturers use the most advanced technologies and spend huge amounts of money on finding innovative solutions to make their products even more interesting and attractive to players.

Today, an online casino can offer its users hundreds of different slot models: from classic to cutting-edge, with functional symbols and progressive jackpots, realistic 3D graphics and bonus rounds.

All currently existing slots can be divided into two large groups – offline and online.

Slot machines offline

Mechanical – the first (classic) slot machines with three reels, one payline and traditional symbols (bars, sevens, cherries, bells), which are currently used rather as decoration for the interior of gambling halls or exhibits in gambling museums. Now, as many years ago, these devices are called “one-armed bandits” because of the large lever that resembles a hand. The lever was used by the players to start the mechanism that set the reels in motion.

Semi-mechanical slot machines are the next generation of slot machines in which the rotation of the reels began to be controlled by a computer. Thanks to the improvement, semi-mechanical devices received several new options, such as multipliers, several pay lines, the ability to buy an option, accumulate points, etc. The Spin button was used more often to start the reels. True, some manufacturers continued to produce models with a lever – so to speak, a tribute to tradition. Semi-mechanical slots can still be found in gambling halls.

Video slots are devices of the latest generation, in which real reels have been replaced by a screen with their image. Hence the prefix “video”. The use of new technologies in the slot game opened up great opportunities for creativity, and each slot manufacturer used them in their own way. The video playing field began to include five, seven, nine reels with a huge number of pay lines (more than 100 in some models). Bonus games, banking games and multi-games have been added to the main game, with the ability to select several games on one machine. The slots themselves have become themed, with beautiful graphics and animations, realistic sound effects and additional screens for mini-games.

Progressive – slots that are programmed to deduct a certain percentage towards the progressive jackpot from each bet made by the player. Such a slot can be single, that is, one progressive jackpot is accumulated by one machine; local – several slots are included in a single network within one institution; online progressive slot is part of a large network that includes slot machines from several offline and online casinos. For progressive slots, players use a slightly different game strategy than the strategy that is used when playing video slots or machines with spinning reels. This is due to the high level of bets and dispersion of progressive slots.