Types of bonuses in the casino: no deposit, deposit, cashback, free spins

Bonuses are one of the best ways to reach a new audience. But different promotions may be available not only to beginners. Therefore, casino owners often arrange various promotions. Available bonuses are quite diverse, so each of them needs to be understood in more detail. They can be provided by both beginners and experienced players.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are available in almost every official casino. They provide mainly to beginners, who for the first deposits can receive on the bonus account 100% or even 200% of the amount entered into the system. But here you need to keep in mind that the extra money is only a bonus. In order for them to be transferred to the client’s real account, the conditions will need to be met.

It is in the conditions that the whole secret lies. Some casinos are more honest with their customers, so give the opportunity to play a bonus with a wager of about x20. But there are also those establishments that install a wager about x60 for the welcome bonus, which is almost impossible for a beginner to play.

Due to the fact that deposit bonuses are given to everyone, they have a high rejection rate. It is especially often canceled by those players who are already familiar with the world of gambling and understand that such a bonus is not so easy to implement, and will have to do so only on a limited number of machines that allow you to make a large number of spins.

No deposit bonuses

One of the good types of bonuses, as it is given to all players who have fulfilled some conditions that are not related to the financial side. For example, registered under a referral link. Such bonuses are not found in all casinos, as you do not need to make a deposit to receive.

Quite often, regulars of a certain gambling establishment use the opportunity to receive a no-deposit bonus. A regular player can ask for a no-deposit bonus through support so that he can continue playing after losing the deposit. Such compensation will not be provided to individuals if they do not have a large turnover of funds in the account.


Some casinos provide cashback, which means real money returned to the player. The amount depends on the amount lost on the spins for the period set by the casino itself. The percentage of return also depends on the conditions of the gambling establishment. Also, the amount of the return may vary depending on the status of the player.

The essence of providing cashback is similar to modern standards. Refunds can be found in banking, online stores and so on. Here everything works the same way. For example, the user receives a cashback of 15% from losses, which can be issued once a week. To receive a refund at the end of the week, the player must contact the support service with a request. Some gambling establishments place a button to receive cashback directly in the personal account.

But every casino has its own restrictions on returns. Yes, you can get an amount that does not exceed a certain threshold, for example, 150,000 rubles. Terms and restrictions may vary depending on the casino player’s status.

Free spins

Free spins in the casino are free scrolls that are given to the user. Most often, FS replaces a cash bonus. Free spins are given to the user to play in only a few specific slots. In some cases, it may even be a single slot machine, if the appropriate targeted action.

Frispins are divided into no-deposit and deposit. You will not need to deposit funds to receive the first ones, but you will need to make a deposit to withdraw the winnings. Otherwise, it will not be possible to withdraw money, as according to the rules of any gambling institution, withdrawal can be made only in the same way in which money was entered into the system. Deposit freespins may already be liable for a wager, as they are issued in an amount that depends on the amount of the deposit.

In some casinos, customers must closely monitor the possibility of receiving free spins, as to issue the replacement of bonuses in cash equivalent to scroll can only be through the support service.

Who are bonus hunters?

This is a category of players who are trying to get rich by winning bonuses. They are divided into amateurs and professionals. If the former do not know all the intricacies and often look for bonuses just for fun and the potential to win, then the same can not be said about the second category. Professionals will look for an opportunity to earn in any case. They know all the nuances that allow you to bypass the rules of the institution and make a profit from one casino several times, using the same bonus.

Regardless of the type of bonus used, you must pay attention to the conditions under which these bonuses are provided. Only single promotions involve the issuance of free spins or the accrual of unconditional bonus funds. It is not necessary to use bonuses on which the big wager (more x20) is established as it will be simply impossible to play them.