Tips to help you win when gambling

Tip 1: Find an unprofessional dealer

The professional claims that there are no more than a hundred really good dealers in the world. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on the dealer, who can easily light up the card. However, its layout must be carefully monitored. In this way, Zender himself once made money. He followed 35 dealers in 16 casinos. Such a method as “card punching” can bring the player an advantage over the casino in the region of 9%. Interestingly, this method is completely legal, as the player is not bluffing in any way. In this case, it is only the fault of the dealer.


Tip 2: Always pay attention to the details

In a place where dealers work in revealing outfits, and a stripper dances nearby, you won’t win much money. Beautiful girls only divert attention from the main thing. This mainly concerns the reduction of casino payouts. The player may not even notice that the payout on the bet has decreased significantly.

Tip 3: stop in time

If a gamer always chooses roulette, then he must clearly know that the house edge in this game is 5%. And this means that the player can win quite quickly. But this only applies to the first 3 bets. If you play non-stop, then only the casino will win. Each gaming establishment knows when the roulette will bring him a guaranteed win – 30,000 bets. That is why such establishments lure their customers in all sorts of ways so that they spend more than one hour, and even more than one day. But the player must know that after the first win at roulette, he must stop.

Tip 4: Rely on Natural Laws

Take a closer look at the roulette wheel: you can see if it has worn out. If the player notices that the partitions near the numbers are slightly worn out, and the wheel as a whole is worn out, such a wheel may give preference to certain numbers. Once upon a time, one player took advantage of an old roulette table and bet on those numbers that were most shifted. He managed to win at that time a colossal amount.

Tip 5: You need to know what to play

The specialist claims that slot machines are not the best way to hit the big jackpot. Card games will bring the player a win much faster. But if the player chooses a slot, then he must stop at the machine that accepts more than 5 dollars and play at the maximum rates.

Tip 6: Practice

Zender says that casinos don’t always win in video poker. Its advantage is 0.46%. The payoffs in this game are quite large. The thing is that many players who choose this game are completely inexperienced. Therefore, it is worth training to win this game of chance for sure.

Tip 7: Don’t be fooled by bright colors

The casino constantly lures customers into those games where the probability of winning is minimal. These games constantly attract with their colorfulness: bright letters, posters and other festive tinsel. But to really have a good chance of winning, you should choose the most common games.

Tip 8: Walk with your watch

In the casino, players lose track of time. This place has no clock. Everything is done to ensure that the gamer stays in the institution as long as possible. It is better to keep track of time and after winning, be sure to leave the institution. In this case, it is better to play in an online casino at all – you can always look at the clock.